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WPCJ is a faith ministry of Freedom Farm Bible Church and functions under the auspices of the Pittsford Educational Broadcasting Foundation. It is an outreach minstry to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to Pittsford and surrounding communities in south central Michigan and northwest Ohio. The station manager for WPCJ-FM is Mr. Tim Ambrose. The main voices of WPCJ-FM include: Mr. Bob Mullinix, Mr. Tim Ambrose, Pastor Cary Coleman, Mr. Al Neinas.

For spiritual help in a time of need, listen to 911 on your FM dial.

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WPCJ is a station for the entire family and includes features such as:

  • Traditional Christian Music
  • Inspirational Programs
  • Biblical Teaching
  • Programs for children
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    WPCJ is staffed by members of Freedom Farm Bible Church. If you have questions or comments regarding WPCJ, please contact us at 517 523-3427 or e-mail wpcj@freedomfarm.info

    We will make every effort to respond to all inquiries in a timely manner.

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    "A high calling," as a member of the tower crew adjusts the transmission bays.